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Songo Locks in Naples, ca. 1890

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Songo Locks in Naples, ca. 1890
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Songo Locks connects Sebago Lake to Brandy Pond and Long Lake. These locks are the only ones remaining from the 30-plus locks built in the 1830s which linked Long Lake to the Atlantic Ocean near Portland via the Cumberland and Oxford Canal.

Songo Locks is still operated by hand when this photograph was taken. The boats enter from the river on the Long Lake/Brandy Pond side where the lake level is about 4 feet higher than below. The wooden gate is shut by hand, then the water is let slowly out the lower side. When the boats in the lock are at the lower level, the gate is opened and they can continue down the river to Sebago Lake. Of course the whole process can be done in reverse to allow boats to go upstream from Sebago Lake to Brandy Pond. Each summer the lock gets much boat traffic going through in either direction.

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